Prolog files  -- RDF 1.1 APIShow source
invalid_lexical_form_hook/3This hook is called if translation of the lexical form to the Prolog representation fails due to a syntax error.Source
rdf/3True if an RDF triple <S,P,O> exists, optionally in the graph G.Source
rdf/4True if an RDF triple <S,P,O> exists, optionally in the graph G.Source
rdf_assert/3Assert a new triple.Source
rdf_assert/4Assert a new triple.Source
rdf_assert_list/2Create an RDF list from the given Prolog List.Source
rdf_assert_list/3Create an RDF list from the given Prolog List.Source
rdf_bnode/1True if BNode is a currently known blank node.Source
rdf_canonical_literal/2Transform a relaxed literal specification as allowed for rdf_assert/3 into its canonical form.Source
rdf_compare/3True if the RDF terms Left and Right are ordered according to the comparison operator Diff.Source
rdf_create_bnode/1Create a new BNode.Source
rdf_default_graph/1Query/set the notion of the default graph.Source
rdf_default_graph/2Query/set the notion of the default graph.Source
rdf_has/3Similar to rdf/3 and rdf/4, but P matches all predicates that are defined as an rdfs:subPropertyOf of P.Source
rdf_has/4Similar to rdf/3 and rdf/4, but P matches all predicates that are defined as an rdfs:subPropertyOf of P.Source
rdf_iri/1True if IRI is a current IRI.Source
rdf_is_bnode/1True if Term is an RDF blank node identifier.Source
rdf_is_iri/1True if IRI is an RDF IRI term.Source
rdf_is_literal/1True if Term is an RDF literal term.Source
rdf_is_name/1True if Term is an RDF Name, i.e., an IRI or literal.Source
rdf_is_object/1True if Term can appear in the object position of a triple.Source
rdf_is_predicate/1True if Term can appear in the predicate position of a triple.Source
rdf_is_subject/1True if Term can appear in the subject position of a triple.Source
rdf_is_term/1True if Term can be used as an RDF term, i.e., if Term is either an IRI, a blank node or an RDF literal.Source
rdf_last/2True when Last is the last element of RDFList.Source
rdf_length/2True when Length is the number of cells in RDFList.Source
rdf_lexical_form/2True when Lexical is the lexical form for the literal Literal.Source
rdf_list/1True if RDFTerm is a proper RDF list.Source
rdf_list/2True when PrologList represents the rdf:first objects for all cells in RDFList.Source
rdf_literal/1True if Term is a known literal.Source
rdf_member/2True when Member is a member of RDFList.Source
rdf_name/1True if Name is a current IRI or literal.Source
rdf_nextto/2True if Y directly follows X in RdfList.Source
rdf_nextto/3True if Y directly follows X in RdfList.Source
rdf_node/1True when T appears in the subject or object position of a known triple, i.e., is a node in the RDF graph.Source
rdf_nth0/3True when X is the Index-th element (0-based or 1-based) of RDFList.Source
rdf_nth1/3True when X is the Index-th element (0-based or 1-based) of RDFList.Source
rdf_object/1True when O is a currently known object, i.e.Source
rdf_predicate/1True when P is a currently known predicate, i.e.Source
rdf_reachable/3True when O can be reached from S using the transitive closure of P.Source
rdf_reachable/5True when O can be reached from S using the transitive closure of P.Source
rdf_retract_list/1Retract the rdf:first, rdf:rest and rdf:type=rdf:'List' triples from all nodes reachable through rdf:rest.Source
rdf_retractall/3Remove all matching triples from the database.Source
rdf_retractall/4Remove all matching triples from the database.Source
rdf_subject/1True when S is a currently known subject, i.e.Source
rdf_term/1True if Term appears in the RDF database.Source
rdf_update/4Replaces one of the three (four) fields on the matching triples depending on Action:.Source
rdf_update/5Replaces one of the three (four) fields on the matching triples depending on Action:.Source
rdf_where/1Formulate constraints on RDF terms, notably literals.Source
{}/1Formulate constraints on RDF terms, notably literals.Source  -- Cache RDF triplesShow source
rdf_cache_file/3File is the cache file for URL.Source
rdf_set_cache_options/1Change the cache policy.Source  -- Core RDF databaseShow source
lang_equal/2True if two RFC language specifiers denote the same language.Source
lang_matches/2True if Lang matches Pattern.Source
rdf/3Elementary query for triples.Source
rdf/4As rdf/3 but in addition query the graph to which the triple belongs.Source
rdf_active_transaction/1True if Id is the identifier of a transaction in the context of which this call is executed.Source
rdf_assert/3Assert a new triple into the database.Source
rdf_assert/4As rdf_assert/3, adding the predicate to the indicated named graph.Source
rdf_atom_md5/3Computes the MD5 hash from Text, which is an atom, string or list of character codes.Source
rdf_bnode/1Generate a unique anonymous identifier for a subject.Source
rdf_compare/3Compare two object terms.Source
rdf_create_gc_thread/0Create the garbage collection thread.Source
rdf_create_graph/1Create an RDF graph without triples.Source
rdf_current_literal/1True when Literal is a currently known literal.Source
rdf_current_predicate/1True when Predicate is a currently known predicate.Source
rdf_current_snapshot/1True when Term is a currently known snapshot.Source
rdf_debug/1Set debugging to Level.Source
rdf_delete_literal_map/2Delete Key and all associated values from the map.Source
rdf_delete_literal_map/3Delete the association between Key and Value from the map.Source
rdf_delete_snapshot/1Delete a snapshot as obtained from rdf_snapshot/1.Source
rdf_destroy_literal_map/1Destroy a literal map.Source
rdf_equal/2Simple equality test to exploit goal-expansion.Source
rdf_estimate_complexity/4Return the number of alternatives as indicated by the database internal hashed indexing.Source
rdf_file_type/2True if Format is the format belonging to the given file extension.Source
rdf_find_literal_map/3Unify ValueList with an ordered set of values associated to all keys from KeyList.Source
rdf_gc/0Run the RDF-DB garbage collector until no garbage is left and all tables are fully optimized.Source
rdf_generation/1True when Generation is the current generation of the database.Source
rdf_graph/1True when Graph is an existing graph.Source
rdf_graph_prefixes/2List is a sorted list of prefixes (namepaces) in Graph.Source
rdf_graph_prefixes/3List is a sorted list of prefixes (namepaces) in Graph.Source
rdf_graph_property/2True when Property is a property of Graph.Source
rdf_has/3Succeeds if the triple rdf(Subject, Predicate, Object) is true exploiting the rdfs:subPropertyOf predicate as well as inverse predicates declared using rdf_set_predicate/2 with the inverse_of property.Source
rdf_has/4Same as rdf_has/3, but RealPredicate is unified to the actual predicate that makes this relation true.Source
rdf_insert_literal_map/3Add a relation between Key and Value to the map.Source
rdf_insert_literal_map/4As rdf_insert_literal_map/3.Source
rdf_is_bnode/1Tests if a resource is a blank node (i.e.Source
rdf_is_literal/1True if Term is an RDF literal object.Source
rdf_is_resource/1True if Term is an RDF resource.Source
rdf_keys_in_literal_map/3Realises various queries on the key-set:.Source
rdf_literal_value/2True when value is the appropriate Prolog representation of Literal in the RDF value space.Source
rdf_load/1Same as rdf_load(FileOrList, []).Source
rdf_load/2Load RDF data.Source
rdf_load_db/1Load triples from a file created using rdf_save_db/2.Source
rdf_load_stream/3Load RDF data from Stream.Source
rdf_make/0Reload all loaded files that have been modified since the last time they were loaded.Source
rdf_match_label/3True if Label matches Pattern according to How.Source
rdf_md5/2True when MD5 is the MD5 hash for all triples in graph.Source
rdf_member_property/2Deal with the rdf:_1, ... properties.Source
rdf_monitor/2Call Goal if specified actions occur on the database.Source
rdf_new_literal_map/1Create a new literal map, returning an opaque handle.Source
rdf_node/1Generate a unique blank node identifier for a subject.Source
rdf_predicate_property/2Query properties of a defined predicate.Source
rdf_reachable/3Is true if Object can be reached from Subject following the transitive predicate Predicate or a sub-property thereof, while repecting the symetric(true) or inverse_of(P2) properties.Source
rdf_reachable/5Same as rdf_reachable/3, but in addition, MaxD limits the number of edges expanded and D is unified with the `distance' between Subject and Object.Source
rdf_reset_db/0Remove all triples from the RDF database and reset all its statistics.Source
rdf_reset_literal_map/1Delete all content from the literal map.Source
rdf_resource/1True when Resource is a resource used as a subject or object in a triple.Source
rdf_retractall/3Remove all matching triples from the database.Source
rdf_retractall/4As rdf_retractall/3, also matching Graph.Source
rdf_save/1Same as rdf_save(Out, []).Source
rdf_save/2Write RDF data as RDF/XML.Source
rdf_save_db/1Save triples into File in a quick-to-load binary format.Source
rdf_save_db/2Save triples into File in a quick-to-load binary format.Source
rdf_save_footer/1Finish XML generation and write the document footer.Source
rdf_save_header/2Save XML document header, doctype and open the RDF environment.Source
rdf_save_subject/3Save the triples associated to Subject to Out.Source
rdf_set/1Set properties of the RDF store.Source
rdf_set_graph/2Set properties of Graph.Source
rdf_set_predicate/2Define a property of the predicate.Source
rdf_snapshot/1Take a snapshot of the current state of the RDF store.Source
rdf_source/1True if Source is a loaded source.Source
rdf_source/2True if named Graph is loaded from SourceURL.Source
rdf_source_location/2True when triples for Subject are loaded from Location.Source
rdf_split_url/3Split/join a URL.Source
rdf_statistics/1Obtain statistics on the RDF database.Source
rdf_statistics_literal_map/2Query some statistics of the map.Source
rdf_subject/1True if Resource appears as a subject.Source
rdf_transaction/1Same as rdf_transaction(Goal, user, []).Source
rdf_transaction/2Same as rdf_transaction(Goal, Id, []).Source
rdf_transaction/3Run Goal in an RDF transaction.Source
rdf_unload/1Identify the graph loaded from Source and use rdf_unload_graph/1 to erase this graph.Source
rdf_unload_graph/1Remove Graph from the RDF store.Source
rdf_update/4Replaces one of the three (four) fields on the matching triples depending on Action:.Source
rdf_update/5Replaces one of the three (four) fields on the matching triples depending on Action:.Source
rdf_update_duplicates/0Update the duplicate administration of the RDF store.Source
rdf_update_duplicates/0Update the duplicate administration.Source
rdf_update_duplicates_thread/0Start a thread to initialize the duplicate administration.Source
rdf_url_namespace/2Namespace is the namespace of URL.Source
rdf_version/1True when Version is the numerical version-id of this library.Source
rdf_warm_indexes/0Warm all indexes.Source
rdf_warm_indexes/1Create the named indexes.Source  -- RDF HTTP PluginShow source
rdf_open_hook/8Load hook implementation for HTTP(S) URLs.Source
rdf_content_type/3Quality values are intended to be used in accordance with RFC 2616.Source
ssl_verify/5Currently we accept all certificates.Source  -- RDF Library ManagerShow source
rdf_attach_library/1Attach manifest from Source.Source
rdf_current_manifest/1True if URL is the URL of a currently loaded manifest file.Source
rdf_library_index/2Query the content of the library.Source
rdf_library_source/2True of Source is the URL that is part of the given library Id.Source
rdf_list_library/0Prints known RDF library identifiers to current output.Source
rdf_list_library/1Print library dependency tree to the terminal.Source
rdf_list_library/2Print library dependency tree to the terminal.Source
rdf_load_library/1Load ontologies from the library.Source
rdf_load_library/2Load ontologies from the library.Source  -- Search literalsShow source
rdf_delete_literal_index/1Fully delete a literal index.Source
rdf_find_literal/2Find literals in the RDF database matching Spec.Source
rdf_find_literals/2Find literals in the RDF database matching Spec.Source
rdf_literal_index/2True when Index is a literal map containing the index of Type.Source
rdf_set_literal_index_option/1Set options for the literal package.Source
rdf_stopgap_token/1True when Token is a stopgap token.Source
rdf_token_expansions/2Determine which extensions of a token contribute to finding literals.Source
rdf_tokenize_literal/2Tokenize a literal.Source  -- Process files in the RDF N-Triples formatShow source
rdf_file_type/2Bind the ntriples reader to files with the extensions nt, ntriples and nquads.Source
rdf_load_stream/3Plugin rule that supports loading the ntriples and nquads formats.Source
rdf_process_ntriples/3Call-back interface, compatible with the other triple readers.Source
rdf_read_nquads/3True when Triples/Quads is a list of triples/quads from Input.Source
rdf_read_ntriples/3True when Triples/Quads is a list of triples/quads from Input.Source
read_nquad/2Read the next quad from Stream as Quad.Source
read_ntriple/2Read the next triple from Stream as Triple.Source
read_ntuple/2Read the next triple or quad from Stream as Tuple.Source  -- RDF persistency pluginShow source
property_of_graph/2Extend rdf_graph_property/2 with new properties.Source
rdf_attach_db/2Start persistent operations using Directory as place to store files.Source
rdf_current_db/1True if Dir is the current RDF persistent database.Source
rdf_db_to_file/2Translate between database encoding (often an file or URL) and the name we store in the directory.Source
rdf_detach_db/0Detach from the current database.Source
rdf_flush_journals/1Flush dirty journals.Source
rdf_journal_file/2True if File the name of the existing journal file for Graph.Source
rdf_persistency/2Specify whether a database is persistent.Source
rdf_persistency_property/1True when Property is a property of the current persistent database.Source
rdf_snapshot_file/2True if File the name of the existing snapshot file for Graph.Source  -- RDF prefixes managementShow source
ns/2Dynamic and multifile predicate that maintains the registered namespace aliases.Source
rdf_current_prefix/2Query predefined prefixes and prefixes defined with rdf_register_prefix/2 and local prefixes defined with rdf_prefix/2.Source
rdf_empty_prefix_cache/2Multifile hook called if the binding Alias -> URI is modified.Source
rdf_global_id/2Convert between Prefix:Local and full IRI (an atom).Source
rdf_global_object/2Same as rdf_global_id/2, but intended for dealing with the object part of a triple, in particular the type for typed literals.Source
rdf_global_term/2Performs rdf_global_id/2 on predixed IRIs and rdf_global_object/2 on RDF literals, by recursively analysing the term.Source
rdf_meta/1This directive defines the argument types of the named predicates, which will force compile time namespace expansion for these predicates.Source
rdf_prefix/2Register a local prefix.Source
rdf_register_ns/2Register an RDF prefix.Source
rdf_register_ns/3Register an RDF prefix.Source
rdf_register_prefix/2Register Prefix as an abbreviation for URI.Source
rdf_register_prefix/3Register Prefix as an abbreviation for URI.Source
rdf_unregister_prefix/1Delete a prefix global registration.Source
register_file_prefixes/1Register a namespace as encounted in the namespace list of an RDF document.Source  -- Declare RDF API sandbox-safeShow source  -- Turtle readerShow source  -- Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language writerShow source
rdf_save_canonical_trig/2Save triples in a canonical format.Source
rdf_save_canonical_turtle/2Save triples in a canonical format.Source
rdf_save_ntriples/2Save RDF using ntriples format.Source
rdf_save_trig/2Save multiple RDF graphs into a TriG file.Source
rdf_save_turtle/2Save an RDF graph as Turtle.Source
turtle_prefix/4Test whether we want to include the proposed prefix in the.Source  -- RDF compressed-data pluginShow source  -- RDFS handlingShow source
rdfs_assert_list/2Create an RDF list from the given Resources.Source
rdfs_assert_list/3Create an RDF list from the given Resources.Source
rdfs_class_property/2Enumerate the properties in the domain of Class.Source
rdfs_find/5Search all classes below Domain for a literal property with that matches String.Source
rdfs_individual_of/2Generate resources belonging to a class or classes a resource belongs to.Source
rdfs_label/2Convert between class and label.Source
rdfs_label/3Resource has Label in Lang.Source
rdfs_list_to_prolog_list/2Convert ann RDFS list (result from parseType=Collection) into a Prolog list of elements.Source
rdfs_member/2As Prolog member on sets.Source
rdfs_ns_label/2Present label with namespace indication.Source
rdfs_ns_label/3Present label with namespace indication.Source
rdfs_subclass_of/2Generate sub/super classes.Source
rdfs_subproperty_of/2Query the property hierarchy.Source  -- SPARQL client libraryShow source
sparql_query/3Execute a SPARQL query on an HTTP SPARQL endpoint.Source
sparql_read_json_result/2The returned Result term is of the format:.Source
sparql_read_xml_result/2Specs from
sparql_set_server/1Set sparql server default options.Source  -- Turtle: Terse RDF Triple LanguageShow source
rdf_load_stream/3(Turtle clauses).Source
rdf_process_turtle/3Streaming Turtle parser.Source
rdf_read_turtle/3Read a stream or file into a set of triples or quadruples (if faced with TriG input) of the format.Source
turtle_pn_local/1True if Atom is a valid Turtle PN_LOCAL name.Source
turtle_write_quoted_string/2Same as turtle_write_quoted_string(Out, Value, false), writing a string with only a single ".Source
turtle_write_uri/2Write a URI as <...>.Source