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This module provides the SWI-Prolog `make' facility that synchronises Prolog internal database after loaded files have been edited.

- Dependency tracking is incomplete. Notably, there is no dependency tracking if compilation of one module depends on goal_expansion/2 or term_expansion/2 rules provided by another.
Source make
Reload all source files that have been changed since they were loaded. This predicate peforms the following steps:
  1. Compute the set of files that need to be reloaded.
  2. Call the hook prolog:make_hook(before, Files)
  3. Reload the files
  4. Call the hook prolog:make_hook(after, Files)
  5. If (4) fails, call list_undefined/0.

The hooks are called with an empty list if no files need reloading.

Source modified_file(-File) is nondet[private]
True when File is modified after it has been loaded.

(*) A file is considered modified if the modification time of the file is at least 1ms later that when it was loaded. The 1ms relaxed matching is used to compensate for inconsistent float handling and possible timing jitter.

See also
Source make_reload_file(File)
Reload file into the proper module.
- If modules import each other, we must load them in the proper order for import/export dependencies.