Prolog files  -- OpenID server and client accessShow source
openid_for_local_user/2URL is the OpenID for the local user User.Source  -- User preference handlingShow source
user_preference/2True if Preference has Value.Source  -- User administrationShow source
authorized/1validate the current user is allowed to perform Action.Source
check_permission/2Validate that user is allowed to perform Operation.Source
current_user/1True if User is a registered user.Source
deny_all_users/1Deny some action to all users.Source
ensure_logged_on/1Make sure we are logged in and return the current user.Source
logged_on/1True if User is the name of the currently logged in user.Source
logged_on/2Get the current user or unify User with Default.Source
login/1Accept user as a user that has logged on into the current session.Source
logout/1Logout the specified user.Source
openid_add_server/2Register an OpenID server.Source
openid_del_server/1Delete registration of an OpenID server.Source
openid_server_properties/2Try find properties for the given server.Source
openid_server_property/2True if OpenID Server has Property.Source
openid_set_property/2Replace Property for OpenID Server.Source
password_hash/2Generate a hash from a password or test a password against a hash.Source
set_user_database/1Load user/2 from File.Source
set_user_property/2Replace Property for user Name.Source
user_add/2Add a new user with given properties.Source
user_del/1Delete named user from user-database.Source
user_property/2True if Property is a defined property on User.Source
validate_password/2Validate the password for the given user and password.Source