Linking from your application to the ClioPatria browser

The ClioPatria backoffice facilities are not intended for the end-user (i.e., the application you built for a wide adience), but may come handy for applications intended for expert users. In that case, you may wish to use predicates from

The demo provides a complete and ready to run example that displays the property-hierarchy of the loaded RDF. It links to the ClioPatria local view by means of the rdf_link//1 call in this code fragment:

emit_children([]) --> [].
emit_children([node(P,Children)|T]) -->
    html(li([ \rdf_link(P)		% Create link to local view
            | \emit_tree(Children)

To see the program in action, make sure to have some RDF loaded (e.g., OWL from the library; see LoadRDF.txt). Now, load This can be done using the command below from the Prolog console or by copying into config-enabled and restarting ClioPatria.

?- use_module(web/help/howto/prophier).

Now reload the page in your browser to update the menu and select Places/Predicate tree.

See also
- provides the complete code.
- An introduction into generating HTML from Prolog is at