Extensions to the Semantic Web library

History management

The library rdf_history.pl will deal with streamlining and querying the modification history, aiming at multiuser Wiki style editing

Prolog files

rdf_abstract.pl  -- Abstract RDF graphsShow source
abstract_graph/3Unify GraphOut with an abstracted version of GraphIn.Source
bagify_graph/4If a graph contains multiple objects of the same type (class) in the same location in the graph (i.e.Source
graph_resources/2Resources is a sorted list of unique resources appearing in Graph.Source
graph_resources/4Resources is a sorted list of unique resources appearing in Graph as subject or object of a triple.Source
merge_sameas_graph/3Collapse nodes in GraphIn that are related through an identity mapping.Source
minimise_graph/2Remove redudant triples from a graph.Source
rdf_bnode.pl  -- RDF graph operations on bnodesShow source
bnode_vars/3Consistently replace bnodes in RDF with Prolog variable and unify Vars with a list of the variables found.Source
rdf_describe.pl  -- RDF Bounded descriptionsShow source
graph_CBD/3Add concise bounded descriptions for bnodes in a graph, creating an expanded graph.Source
lcbd_label/3Standard conforming `Expand' for rdf_include_labels/3.Source
rdf_bounded_description/4Graph is a Bounded Description of URI.Source
rdf_bounded_description/5Graph is a Bounded Description of URI.Source
rdf_include_labels/3Include missing `label' statements in Graph0.Source
rdf_include_reifications/3Include the reification of any reified statements in Graph0.Source
resource_CBD/3Graph is the Concise Bounded Description of URI.Source
rdf_description.pl  -- Deal with descriptive nodes in RDF modelsShow source
description_property/1True when Property is used for descritive nodes on a resource.Source
rdf_description/2Description is a description for R.Source
rdf_file_type.pl  -- Load RDF data from unknown file-typeShow source
rdf_guess_data_format/2Guess the format of an RDF file from the actual content.Source
rdf_guess_format_and_load/2Guess the RDF format in Stream and load it.Source
rdf_graphviz.pl  -- Interface to graphviz for RDF graphsShow source
gviz_write_rdf/3Write the graph Triples to Stream in dot compatible format.Source
rdf_json.pl  -- JSON Representation for RDF graphsShow source
graph_json/2JSON is a Prolog JSON object representing Graph.Source
rdf_object_to_json/2Convert an RDF Object to a JSON term.Source
rdf_label.pl  -- Generate labels for RDF objectsShow source
label_property/1True if Property is used to represent labels.Source
literal_text/2Text is the textual content of Object.Source
rdf_display_label/2Provide a label for R in the user's default language.Source
rdf_display_label/3Label is the preferred label to display the resource R in the language Lang.Source
rdf_label/2Label is a label for R.Source
truncate_atom/3If Atom is longer than MaxLen, truncate it.Source
rdf_optimise.plShow source
rdf_db_goal/4True if Goal is a pure (logical) predicate on the RDF database involving the given Subject, Predicate and Object.Source
rdf_optimise/1Optimise Goal and execute the result.Source
rdf_optimise/2Goal is a Prolog control-structure with calls to the rdf_db.pl and SeRQL runtime predicates.Source
rdf_schema.plShow source
rdf_graph_schema/2Create an initial schema by providing definitions for all predicates and types (classes) used in Graph.Source