Table for the 43 triples for predicate dcterms:title

?:EDM"View Europeana Data Model"
?:accurator"Accurator annotation system."
?:aers_rewrite"Create RDF from Adverse Event Database from the FDA"
?:amalgame"Amalgame concept alignment toolkit"
?:annotation_dashboard"Web interface to view who does what in the annotation_service module"
?:annotation_service"Configurable RDF annotation webservice"
?:autocompletion"Configurable autocompletion webservice"
?:cloud"Visualize loaded datacloud"
?:cluster_search"search based on clustering paths in the graph"
?:cluster_search_ui"Frontend for cluster search"
?:command"Command line interface"
?:cpack_repository"CPACK package repository manager"
?:ecdemo"package to style our EuropeanaConnect amalgame demo"
?:find_resource"Library to find RDF resources by a textual query"
?:foaf"The FOAF OWL schema"
?:foaf_user"FOAF profiles for accounts"
?:image_annotation"Web-based user interface for image annotation applications, with configurable search fields"
?:isearch"Interactive search"
?:jquery"JQuery resources"
?:media_cache"Service to cache media resources and create thumbnails"
?:opmv"Schema and viz. supporting the Open Provenance Model"
?:owl"Library of OWL based predicates"
?:pirates"Piracy demo"
?:prov"Schema supporting the W3C PROV vocabulary"
?:rda_gr2"View RDA Group 2 Elements"
?:rdf-mt"RDF Semantics Implementation"
?:rdf_qa"Heuristics for spotting problems in RDF data"
?:skos"SKOS schema and libraries"
?:skos_browser"SKOS vocabulary browser"
?:statistics"Gather statistical information"
?:swish"Add Prolog interaction to ClioPatria"
?:tag_matcher"Web service to semantically match two tags"
?:trill_on_swish"TRILL on SWISH on Cliopatria"
?:versioned_graph"Named RDF graphs with versioning"
?:virgil"Adverse Event Mining"
?:void"The Vocabulary of Interlinked Datasets (VoID) schema"
?:vumix"Video annotation prototype"
?:waisda"Management of user-generated metadata for Waisda video labeling game"
?:webaccess"Access external web-resources"
?:xmlrdf"XML to RDF conversion"
?:yaz"Your Annotation Zone"
?:yui3"YAHOO User Interface library version 3"
dcterms:DCMI Namespace for metadata terms in the namespace"DCMI Namespace for metadata terms in the namespace"@en-US