Prolog files

authenticate.pl  -- Authentication access for SWISHShow source
authentication_hook/3Is called from the /pengine/create request to establish the logged in user.Source
authenticate/2Establish the identity behind the HTTP Request.Source
user_property/2True when Identity has Property.Source
avatar.pl  -- Avatar managementShow source
bootstrap.pl  -- Bootstrap form generatorShow source
bt_form/4Emit a Bootstrap form from Contents.Source
name_label/2Determine a label from a name by upcasing the first character and replacing all underscores by spaces.Source
chat.pl  -- The SWISH collaboration backboneShow source
chatstore.pl  -- Store chat messagesShow source
chat_messages/3Get messages associated with DocID.Source
chat_store/1Add a chat message to the chat store.Source
chat_count_about/2True when Count is the number of messages about DocID.Source
config.pl  -- Make HTTP locations known to JSON codeShow source
config/2Define a name/value pair that will end up in the SWISH config object (see web/js/config.js).Source
login/2If a login item with 'data-server'(+Server) is clicked, the HTTP handler with id login is called.Source
login_item/2This hook is called to find all possible login options.Source
source_alias/2Multifile hook that defines properties of file_search_path/2 aliases wrt.Source
swish_config/2Define a name/value pair that will end up in the SWISH config object (see web/js/config.js).Source
swish_config_hash/2True if Hash is the SHA1 of the SWISH config.Source
swish_reply_config/2Emit a configuration object to the client if the client requests for '.../swish_config.json', regardless of the path prefix.Source
user_info/3Each login facility must provide this hook.Source
content_filter.pl  -- Ban list content filterShow source
cp_authenticate.pl  -- SWISH login managementShow source
dashboard.pl  -- Provide non-programmer query executionShow source
parameters/1Fill query parameters.Source
examples.pl  -- Serve example filesShow source
provides/1Make examples available through swish_provides/1.Source
form.pl  -- Form handling utilitiesShow source
gitty.pl  -- Single-file GIT like version systemShow source
gitty_driver_bdb.pl  -- Gitty BDB driverShow source
gitty_driver_files.pl  -- Gitty plain files driverShow source
attach_pack/2Load the index of Pack into memory.Source
delete_head/2Delete Head from Store.Source
delete_object/2Delete an existing object.Source
fsck_pack/1Validate the integrity of the pack file File.Source
gitty_close/1Close resources associated with a store.Source
gitty_file/4True when File entry in the gitty store and Head is the HEAD revision.Source
gitty_fsck/1Validate all packs associated with Store.Source
gitty_hash/2True when Hash is an object in the store.Source
gitty_object_file/3True when Path is the file at which the object with Hash is stored.Source
gitty_rescan/1Update our view of the shared storage for all stores matching Store.Source
gitty_update_head/4Update the head of a gitty store for Name.Source
load_object/5Load the given object.Source
load_object_from_pack/4True when Hash is in a pack and can be loaded.Source
load_plain_commit/3Load the commit data as a dict.Source
pack_objects/6Pack the given objects and pack files into a new pack.Source
repack_objects/2Repack objects of Store for reduced disk usage and enhanced performance.Source
set_head/3Set the head of the given File to Hash.Source
store_object/4Store the actual object.Source
unpack_pack/2Turn a pack back into a plain object files.Source
unpack_packs/1Unpack all packs.Source
help.pl  -- SWISH help systemShow source
highlight.pl  -- Highlight token serverShow source
xref_open_source/2Open a source.Source
config/2Provides the object config.swish.style, a JSON object that maps style properties of user-defined extensions of library(prolog_colour).Source
css/3Multifile hook to define additional style to apply in a specific context.Source
current_highlight_state/2Return info on the current highlighter.Source
server_tokens/1These predicates help debugging the server side.Source
show_mirror/1These predicates help debugging the server side.Source
style/3Declare that we map StyleIn as generated by library(prolog_colour) into a token of type SWISHType, providing additional context information based on Attributes.Source
token_info/3Generate HTML, providing details about Token.Source
include.pl  -- Support :- include(File) from SWISHShow source
xref_source_file/3Deal with the above expansion for :- include(program) to support the cross-referencer.Source
xref_source_identifier/2Map swish://file to a file from the gitty store.Source
include/2Include file at a specific version.Source
jquery.pl  -- Call jQuery on the SWISH interfaceShow source
jquery/2Run a jQuery query in the SWISH interface.Source
jquery/3Run a jQuery query in the SWISH interface.Source
logging.pl  -- Add SWISH query execution to the HTTP log fileShow source
markdown.pl  -- SWISH Notebook markdown supportShow source
file/4Hook that deals with linking other notebooks using the following markdown syntax:.Source
md_eval.pl  -- Provide evaluable markdownShow source
swish_provides/1True when Term describes a provided feature of the current SWISH instances.Source
messages.plShow source
noble_avatar.pl  -- Noble Avatar generatorShow source
page.pl  -- Provide the SWISH application as Prolog HTML componentShow source
patch.pl  -- Run patch programShow source
patch/4Patch the string Orig using Diff.Source
paths.pl  -- Setup SWISH search pathsShow source
pep.pl  -- SWISH PEP (Policy Enforcement Point)Show source
not_sandboxed/2Called by Pengines to see whether User may call non-sandboxed operations in Application.Source
approve/3This hook is called by approve/2 and deny/2 before the default rules.
authorized/2Verify that Action is authorized.Source
ws_authorized/2True when WSUser is allowed to perform action.Source
profiles.plShow source
projection.pl  -- Define the projectionShow source
projection/1Specify the result variables.Source
render.pl  -- SWISH term-rendering supportShow source
current_renderer/2True when renderer Name is declared with Comment.Source
register_renderer/2Register a module as SWISH rendering component.Source
use_rendering/1Register an answer renderer.Source
use_rendering/2Register an answer renderer with options.Source
search.pl  -- SWISH search from the navigation barShow source
match/3True if Line matches Query, respecting Options.Source
search_box/3Render a Bootstrap search box.Source
typeahead/4Find typeahead suggestions for a specific search category (Type).Source
storage.pl  -- Store files on behalve of web clientsShow source
typeahead/4Find files using typeahead from the SWISH search box.Source
storage_file/1! storage_file_extension(?File, ?Extension) is nondet.Source
storage_fsck/0Enumerate and check the consistency of the entire store.Source
storage_load_term/2Add/retrieve terms from the gitty store.Source
storage_meta_property/2True when Meta has Property.Source
storage_repack/0Repack the storage directory.Source
storage_repack/1Repack the storage directory.Source
storage_store_term/2Add/retrieve terms from the gitty store.Source
storage_unpack/0Unpack all packed objects of the store.Source
use_gitty_file/1Load a file from the Gitty store.Source
use_gitty_file/2Load a file from the Gitty store.Source
swish_csv.pl  -- Support CSV output from a Pengines serverShow source
write_result/3Hook into library(pengines) that makes pengines support CSV output.Source
template_hint.pl  -- Generate template hints for CondeMirrorShow source
config/2Provides the object config.swish.templates, a JSON object that provides the templates for hinting in CodeMirror.Source
visible_predicate/3True when PI is a plain predicate indicator for a predicate that can be called in Module.Source
visible_predicate_templates/3True when Templates is a JSON dict holding autocompletion templates for Module.Source
trace.pl  -- Show source